Crossing Over by Judy Tellerman

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Video © User ID bobf72450. Music © Judith Tellerman.CROSSING OVER sung by Judy Tellerman from the cd, SONGS OF THE CODE. CROSSING OVER © 2011 words and music by Judith S. Tellerman. Re-Mix by DToolz at Hideaway Studios. The song can be found at cdbaby.com on the SONGS OF THE CODE cd and on the JEWISH HOLIDAY SONGS cd.CROSSING OVER © 2011 words and music by Judith S. Tellerman This song is about the Exodus from slavery in Egypt, a celebration of God's essential attributes, love and compassion. When the children of Israel made a sign to God, even though they had made many mistakes they crossed over to a redeemed life. This Redemption renews itself continually, as it is written in the Talmud (Heb.: ancient sacred book of Jewish law and wisdom), "In each and every generation, one must view himself as if he himself was liberated from Egypt."CROSSING OVERIf you would follow me into the desertIf you would walk with me into a raging seaThen I would show you the wonders of God's loveAnd you would see that a slave can be freeAnd crossing over to that distant shoreWe will establish now and forevermoreA nation of justice, a nation of mercyThis is our promise and what we're striving forCrossing over, crossing overWalking humbly with our God(repeat)"Who is like You, O Lord, among the mightyWho is like You, majestic in holinessAwesome in splendor, working wondersThe Lord will reign forever and ever" 1Crossing over, crossing overWalking humbly with our God(repeat)"And Miriam, the ProphetessThe sister of AaronTook a timbrel in her handAnd led the women chantingSing out to the LordFor gloriously has he triumphed"2"And in every generationWe regard ourselves as havingPersonally gone forth from Egypt"3Crossing over, crossing overWalking humbly with our God(repeat)1 The Jewish Bible (Tanakh), Exodus 15.112 The Jewish Bible (Tanakh), Exodus 15.203 Deluxe Edition of the Maxwell House Passover Haggadah, p. 25[The word, Haggadah, means Telling. It comes from the Torah (First fivebooks of the Bible) command - "And you shalltell (v'Higadeta) your children on that day..."© 2011 words and music by Judith S. Tellerman
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