Pastor Shyju Mathew Answers Questions Put Across by Young People

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Here are the questions:
1. How does one answer unbelievers especially when they have witnessed how messed up Christians are?
2. How do you know if whether a person dwells in Christ or does not?
3. Will all prophesies (biblical / personal) fulfil before the Second Coming of Christ?
4. What is the secret of having a continuous relation with God?
5. How can one purify his soul by loving one another ( 1 Peter 1:22)
6. Why do the righteous or God fearing people get criticized? That also results in defaming Jesus. Why does God allow others to point fingers at them?
7. How do we discern a prophecy if it's from the Spirit of God or satan?
8. What is your take on this new "Grace Theology" that says one can sin and nothing will happen as HIS grace will increase in us and will ensure eternity for us?
9. What are few things that as a young generation we should follow to lead a victorious Christian Life?

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