We Keep The Flame by Judy Tellerman with Lyrics Chanukah Hanukkah

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Video © User ID bobf72450WE KEEP THE FLAME sung by Judy Tellerman from the cd, WE KEEP THE FLAME. WE KEEP THE FLAME © 2011 words and music by Judith S. Tellerman. Re-Mix by DToolz at Hideaway Studios. The song can be found at cdbaby.com on the WE KEEP THE FLAME cd and on the JEWISH HOLIDAY SONGS cd.This song tells the story of Hanukkah/Chanukah (Heb.: Rededication [of the Temple in Jerusalem]), the Festival of Lights, an 8-day holiday celebrated by kindling lights on a special 9-branched Chanukah Menorah each day; eating foods fried in oil; and spinning a dreidel (top with the Hebrew letters representing "A Great Miracle Happened Here,"). The dreidel was originally used by children to worship God while pretending to play a game when Antiochus decreed the death penalty for praying. The eight days of lights and foods cooked in oil are meant to remind us that when the Temple was rededicated only enough purified oil for the 7-branched Menorah, the Eternal Light symbolizing God's presence, was found to last one day, yet lasted for 8 days, until more oil could be purified. The Temple was "dedicated with songs and harps and lutes and cymbals...So they celebrated the dedication of the altar for eight days." Chanukah commemorates a spiritual victory; and spiritual strength is symbolized by the light of the Menorah. (IMaccabees 4:52-56)WE KEEP THE FLAME LyricsLook to the Temple (4x)Judah Maccabee my true oneMattityahu's chosen sonAntiochus desecrates our TempleHelp us sanctify this place for GodIsrael, oppressed by savage forcesOur voice cries out that God is oneMaccabees will fight to save the TempleThe valiant battle has begun(Chorus)We are the few and you are the manyWe are the guardians, we keep the flameYou use your power to crush the peopleWe will free them in God's nameUp on the mountain I see the TempleJudah rekindled the eternal flameOnly enough oil to last for one dayYet it still burns the sameEight days it burned and eight days we neededTo press the special oil for the flameCome let us dance and sing to the LordAdonai we bless your nameChorusla la la la la la la la la la, la la la la la We keep the flame, la la la la,la la la la la la,Adonai we bless your nameLight the menorahs, light up the night skyAll of the moonlight, all of the starlightThis you have given, this we receive withLove in our hearts, AdonaiOne light that shines always in the TempleOne light that signifies God is hereOne light reveals a vision of faith thatGod's love will be ever nearChorus (2x)
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